Our Story

Where it all began

Al Amin Fresh Fruits was established in 1997 in the Kingdom of Bahrain by its Founder Ali Rashid Al Amin as a subsidiary company of Ali Rashid Al Amin Company. Importing fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world, Al Amin Fresh Fruits works with the HORECA industry, supermarkets and wholesalers all over the Kingdom covering all varieties of the food industry.From its inception, Al Amin Fresh Fruits began importing the highest quality of fruits and vegetables from as far as the Philippines.

It was not long until its reach spread from the local GCC area to 6 continents, bringing food in from Australia, USA, India, Ecuador, Mexico, UK, Holland, Jordan, Egypt, Malaysia, South Africa and more. Today, Al Amin Fresh Fruits is proud to serve the Kingdom of Bahrain guaranteeing quality and affordable pricing supplying goods through air, land, and sea.